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Kit Reid Band
A Versatile Professional Group  
Providing Outstanding Musical Entertainment !

Depth of versatility

    Versatility in the music world only begins with a large repertoire of songs. Some music groups possess additional strengths and aptitudes that further define the meaning of the word.
    The Kit Reid Band maintains an exceptional repertoire as a matter of course. You can choose from Top 40, rock, big band swing and classic rock 'n' roll. You'll have plenty of options if your tastes run to country and western, easy listening, or society two-beat sounds. Ask for Motown, rhythm & blues, Fifties music, ethnic songs, or special ballroom dance steps, and you'll get your wish.
    The skills of the individual players in the Kit Reid band yield a deeper dimension to the group's versatility. You hear the styles and the titles you've requested and you hear each delivered true to the heart of the original genre.
    Perhaps most important, a versatile band understands that its job is not to overwhelm a party — the music isn't always the center of interest. The sounds play subtle, changing role through the course of the evening, sometimes highlighting and enhancing other focal points of the event, sometimes serving as the background while people mingle. The agile players in the Kit Reid Band can masterfully support all the nuances of your special night.

The Client Consultation

    Group leader Kit Reid knows that a band's work begins long before the first downbeat. Big events are carefully arranged, and his job starts in earnest when he meets with the clients and party planners.
     The itinerary for the evening will be discussed, and a strategy can be designed to use the music to enhance each segment of the night. A soft and sensitive set can serve as the perfect backdrop for a conversational cocktail hour. Appropriate sounds can be arranged to underscore an elegant seated dinner. Special songs and fanfares may be used to accent the other carefully crafted aspects of your party — thus insuring that each feature of the night gets its moment in the sun. Later, when collars and spirits are loosened, the music can be designed to become the focal point for dancing.
    Tempos, volume levels, costuming and pacing will be considered so that each of these elements can be employed to contribute to the success of the night. You'll discuss selection of songs and styles of music from his extensive repertoire. Special request tunes may be added for the event. Kit will draw on his strong experience in the private party business to advise you on any questions you may have.
    As the event date approaches and the final plans are made, Kit Reid will be available for further consultation. He'll continue to work with you to perfectly orchestrate the role of the music in your affair. This kind of attention to detail has put the Kit Reid Band in high demand, and made a reputation for Kit Reid as a top professional in the private party market.

Flawless Weddings

    A wedding reception can be one of the most memorable nights in a woman's life. Music, properly used, can dramatically contribute to the success of the event.
    Appropriate sounds can be employed to highlight the features of the evening, such as the announcement of the wedding party. The selection and delivery of the song for the first dance play an important role. Music can be coordinated with toasts to the wedding party, announcements, bouquet toss, and the departure of the bride and groom.
    Bandleader Kit Reid, with years of experience and hundreds of weddings to his credit, understands the subtle, unique role that his music can play in the flawless wedding.

Galas and Corporate Parties

    The musical requirements of other kinds of parties may vary. Company Christmas parties, charity fundraisers, balls and galas each have a different agenda, a different flow.
    Often the night begins with a cocktail hour and seated dinner. Here, music low in volume can serve strictly as a backdrop. A program or auction may follow.
    After this, however, it's time to quickly shift gears and get to the dancing, to build the momentum and keep the party moving. Count on the Kit Reid Band to spark the party to life with a two hour set of continuous music.
    No two parties are exactly alike. Some bands comprehend this, and have the depth of skill to appropriately respond to the situations that may be presented. Count on the experience and talent of the Kit Reid Band for dealing with the subtlety of your special night.