Mark Smith Texas' Premier Dueling Piano Act!
Jess Mills
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The concept of the dueling piano was born out of the prohibition days of New Orleans. While then it consisted mostly of drinking, patriotic and regional songs, today the dueling pianos involve the challenge of playing music to entertain all generations. It has evolved to become one of the most in demand acts to see. Many of the reasons given for this are:
-Audience participation.
The audience requests the songs to be played so they are hearing what they want to hear. Sing-a-longs are the norm. This means as the audience sings they tap into their hidden desire to be the star. Call-ups allow the audience to actually become a part of the show.

-High Energy.
A good dueling piano team will go many hours without a break in the music. Bands will typically take breaks. While breaks are needed, the advantage of two piano players is the ability to cover for the other to allow for short breaks while the music continues on.

The dueling piano show is filled with laughs. The piano players utilize improvisational skills to create a humorous environment, which results in a fun-filled show and lively atmosphere.

-All Encompassing.
A dueling piano act is not just a musical act. It is a DJ, a MC, a comedy act, a dinner music set, a party band, as well as a karaoke machine

Jess and Mark!